New Year Resolution

It’s kinda late but this is My Totally Awesome 2017 New Year Resolution.  Enough said.

2 yearly blog post coming soon.  Lots of dramas took place in 2016.  I actually lost half of 2016 to work.  No, it’s so much more than just that.



Keep It Simple Stupid

Any observant reader would realise the huge lapse of record between 22/07/2012 and now (27/08/2013).  Mathematically speaking, I was gone from blogosphere for approximately 1 year and 1 month.  However, unlike Justin Bieber, I did not actually (nor plan to) hitch a rocket ride to the outer space and had actually been doing something solid.

So, to K.I.S.S.,

  • I passed my 4th year exam.  Hell yeah!
  • No, I still do not have a chatbox option for this blog unless some kind souls are generous enough to sponsor me with a premium account.
  • Went skiing.
  • Toured France, Spain and Scottish Highlands.  Went to Paris Disneyland too, whilst in Paris.
  • Visited London and Edinburgh NUMEROUS times.
  • Passed the Ward Simulation Exercise.  Wasn’t great, but didn’t do too bad either.
  • Passed the 5th year Portfolio exam plus OSCE1 exemption.
  • With that, *drumrolls*, came the climax of my timeline!
  • BOTH girlfriend and I graduated with a MBChB degree!  The best part?  Unscathed.  *high 5s*

    Graduation Photo

    Off into the list of achievements.

  • Family came over for my graduation ceremony.  Took the opportunity to step up to be the tour guide in England and Scotland.
  • The anticlimax?  Returned to Malaysia.  Could have stayed on longer but was greatly concerned about the long term future.  That was when reality sank in.  Why on earth does anyone want to work as a doctor?
  • Applied for a job as a house officer in Malaysia and went for the SPA interview.  The set up is like this.  For each group, simple questions were thrown by 2 high ranking officers to 5 candidates.  No, we were not required to bite each others’ neck off to answer.  The questions went around the table from one end to the other.  The interview should not be a great worry for the majority of candidates because I was informed that everyone passed!  You heard me right.  Individuals’ performance aside, every one of the give-or-take 120 applicants who had gone for the interview on that sunny Wednesday passed.  And it’s my belief that such interview is held on a weekly basis.  No pun intended, I would scratch my head if there is no glut of housemen in this lovely country.  Perhaps, acting as a Samaritan, I would clarify and provide an insight into the Malaysian housemanship application process in an exclusive blog post.  Getting all the necessary documents ready can take some time, but the process itself is generally straightforward and not tedious at all.
  • Been doing Insanity workout.
  • Read a few financial management and investment books.
  • Started preparing for MRCP2 Part 1.

The last of the bullet points also marks my exact whereabout just now.  While waiting for the job offer, I am preparing for the upcoming professional exam and hatching out ideas to begin my double life also as an entrepreneur.