New Year Resolution

It’s kinda late but this is My Totally Awesome 2017 New Year Resolution.  Enough said.

2 yearly blog post coming soon.  Lots of dramas took place in 2016.  I actually lost half of 2016 to work.  No, it’s so much more than just that.


Translating Novel

This is the PROJECT that I’m currently working on at (you can also click on the first link at the right sidebar)

This is me finally putting the long-dormant mandarin ability into good use.  It’s quite an impressive job I think.  You all with multi-linguistic ability should not waste it.  There’s lots of opportunities in many fields.  UK healthcare, for instance, is in need of foreign translators to help with those non-native speaking patients.

On a side note, housemanship ended a month ago for me.  Being a medical officer is a totally different ball game with different responsibilities.  It’s time to shift the goal posts a bit.

Also, I’m transferring to another state soon.  But we shall leave that story for another day, shan’t we?

Update : No longer working on this

In view of recent Typhoid outbreak in Malaysia…


I have decided to share some educational slides regarding this infection.  Do note that these slides were originally made for paediatrics, but they are in fact applicable to all age groups.  If you are a tourist visiting Malaysia or someone who lives in the endemic area, you should find this informative.

Click here : Typhoid Fever

Reminder : Wash your hands before touching your food and avoid buying food from dodgy, unregulated foodstalls.

It’s Official!

It’s official!  The eBook can now be purchased through the following links : Amazon Bookstore or e-Sentral (for Southeast Asians)  Like all good things, the wait is necessarily long.  Do accept my sincerest apology for the delay.

Also, I am proud to learn that thus far, close to 80 books have been offloaded via Amazon store.  Getting to this sales number before actually promoting my title is a milestone of achievement for me.

If you are struggling or wanting to be more than who you already are in medical school, the timing of this eBook release is never better.  Trust me.  No matter who you are or what your job is, there would be moments or achievements in life which would make you really, really proud.

Believe that graduation from medical school is never an illusion.

Yours truly,