Project Update 3

Spent half a day figuring out where to promote my book and another half doing actual work on this webpage.

A gazillion thanks to Denise for her help at getting the logo right.  Am I not glad that I did not choose to be a designer 7 years ago?  I would totally flunk all my designing assessments!  No joke.

Will need to speed up and work on the book cover tomorrow.  I blame it on my lack of latitude for the steep learning curve in all the designing works.  Hopefully, they are all worth it.

What do you think about the webpage –  You can register your interest now so that I can stop doing what I’m doing if the reception isn’t too convincing.  Just kidding.  Much like medicine, I have gone too far to quite now.

Also, while you are at this page, can you please hover your mouse to the right sidebar and like the Facebook page too?

Thank you!

Best Wishes,


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