Fresh Graduates : How to Apply for Housemanship in Malaysia?

Fellow comrades,

Graduating from overseas, I had zero clue as to how the housemanship application process in Malaysia rolls.  Local graduates would not lose too much sleep on this as their respective institutions typically organise everything for them.  They just need to focus on dressing/suiting up appropriately and answering intelligently during the interview.

How to apply for housemanship in Malaysia?

“Huh?  SPA, MMC, KKM?  Who are they?”

“O.M.G., I think I forgot to sign & date the form!”

“Do I really need to get all my photocopied documents certified?  Really?”

“I will definitely fail the interview.  I have not been studying since SPM.”

“What is my starting pay?”

Have the above-mentioned ever crossed your mind? If yes, congratulations, you are on the right page!  No?  Read on anyway.

If you are a control freak much like me, the experience of completing and handing up application forms to three different departments, without knowing whether the forms are filled in correctly with the necessary documents attached to them, is unpleasant.  Being through this myself and making a few bad decisions that lead to some delay, I would like to guide you through the entire application process so that you can stay away from the mistakes that I had made.

The following flowchart summarises the thought processes and procedures that you should process in your mind before continuing.  Picturing the general process clearly in your head prevents you from doing things in a counterproductive manner.  Deciding to or not to work as a house officer is equally crucial.

Flowchart of Housemanship Application

I hope I have not lost you.  Next, let’s focus on the reason why all of us need and want to work – SALARY.


According to this website, the basic pay for a UD41 Grade house officer is RM2777.98.  Adding that up with critical, housing and cost of living allowances, the take home pay after EPF (if you are not on pension scheme) deduction is at the region of RM4200 to RM4300.  There is an adjustment to this net income depending on where you work because being on-calls and working in East Malaysia will earn you extra allowances.

Is this a good starting pay?

Now, this is a sensitive issue.  Short answer, I don’t know.  It really depends on individuals.  The pay might not be enough for a few who are accustomed to spending more than RM4000 a month on themselves, but it should be assuringly sufficient for most, I hope.

If you feel that you are having difficulties to make ends meet each month, I can only say this :

  1. Keep a close eye on your cashflow and spending habits.
  2. Stop skiving already!  You are not supposed to have that much free time to shop.

Personally, I think that this is a brilliant starting pay, despite the long hours pouring into the so-called legalised slavery.  Not many other industries pay fresh graduates such high salary in the current age of employers’ market.  Is it worth the money?  Again, it’s up to you.  I do know that my peers who are working in the UK and Singapore get paid better, and that the pay gap is even more astounding after conversion to RM.  However, don’t forget that you have to spend at where you earn.  Unless, you plan to deny yourself of well-deserved rewards and siphon all your money back to Malaysia.  Apart from that, the taxation in the UK is high.  If you don’t plan to migrate, retire and die there, you might not be able to reap the various benefits and perks from the taxes that you have been religiously paying all those years.

As a civil servant in Malaysia, it is hard for you to die from starvation nor will you easily become wealthy.  Let’s pray for an inflation-adjusted pay rise for doctors in the upcoming Budget allocation.  My two cents?  Be contented with what you get and handle it with love & care like it’s your own baby.


SPA is a department which is involved in recruiting new civil servants.  You can apply for a job online by filling in the SPA8i Form.  Although the form is self-explanatory, do skim through the manual before registering as a new user.  Try not to make any clerical errors when filling in this lengthy form.  More importantly, key in the correct IC number when registering to avoid complications.  Certain details such as SPM results are already in the system record, but there’s no harm going through everything again.

2 things to take note of when filling in the form :

  • Complete the extra-curricular activities section after checking that you actually still possess the relevant certificates as proofs.
  • As trivial as this sounds, remember to complete the last step of the application and submit the form.  Otherwise, your application will not be processed by SPA.

SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS (the boring section)

I find this the most labour-intensive part of the application other than the job interview.  All photocopied documents, especially for MMC, need to be certified as true copies.  This can be done by a government officer who works in administration (ie. school principal, student affairs officer) or Commissioner of Oaths.


Apart from the Provisional Registration Form, you will need to fill in a “Fitness to Practise” Declaration Form too.  Click HERE to download.

Core documents needed are :

  1. 2 passport sized photos
  2. 1 certified copy of Basic Medical Degree
  3. 1 certified copy of academic transcript encompassing the results of whole training period
  4. 1 certified copy of IC
  5. 1 certified copy of birth certificate
  6. 1 certified copy of SPM certificate
  7. RM20 processing fee by money/postal order payable to “The Registrar Medical Practitioner”

In addition to the list above :

Local graduates – the original Dean’s letter

Overseas graduates –

  • If your name in the degree certificate is spelt differently from the IC, get a Commissioner of Oaths to issue you with a letter verifying that you are in fact the person as stated in the cert.  For example, Tan Ching Chong is known as Ching Chong Tan in the UK, a classic example of the confusion created by first name and last name.
  • For graduates from Indian institutions – 1 certified copy of Bonafide Student and Rotating Internship.
  • For graduates from Indonesian institutions – 1 certified copy of Sarjana Kedokteran and Ijazah Kedokteran.

MMC is rigid & fussy about the completeness and accuracy of all supporting documents.  And, rightfully so.  Therefore, it is imperative to get everything right the first time.

More information about provisional registration can be obtained here.


Download this FORM and fill it in completely.  You will need to attach a photograph onto it.  Also, keep your parents’ IC numbers handy because you need to fill in these to complete the form.

Supporting documents needed are :

  1. 1 certified copy of IC
  2. 1 certified copy of SPM certificate
  3. 1 certified copy of degree certificate
  4. 1 certified copy of temporary registration certificate (from MMC)
  5. 1 certified copy of marriage certificate if you are married (Well done!)
  6. 1 certified copy of resignation letter for those who had previously resigned from KKM


The documents (original and 1 photocopy) to bring during the interview are :

  1. IC
  2. Birth certificate
  3. SPM certificate
  4. Degree certificate
  5. Academic transcript encompassing the results of whole training period
  6. Temporary registration certificate (from MMC)
  7. Certificates to as evidence for your extra-curricular activities as stated by you in the SPA online form (Only original certs)

In addition, bring along a resume with your nice photograph on it and prepare an extra photograph for another form which you will fill in on the interview day.

For more information, visit this website.

“Fine.  How many photographs do I actually need?  I am camera shy hopeless at maths.”

Well, 2+1+2 = 5.  So, at least 5.  Capiche?


For the sake of efficacy, you might just solve most of your supporting document problems with just one visit to the Commissioner of Oaths.  He or she can certify all your photocopied documents and make a letter to put an end to the “first name, last name” issues for once and for all, at a fee of course.  I get mine done free-of-charge though.  So, just ask around and get the best deal for students fresh graduates.


MMC stands for the Malaysian Medical Council.  The council is involved in regulating doctors’ licenses to practise.

I sent all my documents via registered mail to MMC.  A calculated move, considering that I live far away from Klang valley.  Unfortunately, it was not the wisest decision as I had to wait a few days for them to receive my mail, phone back to enquire about it, wait a few days for the temporary registration certificate to be issued and wait a couple more weeks for the certificate to arrive at my doorstep.

If you can just attend at the MMC office at Jalan Cenderasari with all your documents and submit by hand, I heard they would issue you with the certificate on that day itself or the day after.  MMC’s temporary registration certificate acts as a speed limiting factor in your application process as you cannot go for the SPA interview without it.

Their address can be found here.


Fuss-free.  I sent this by registered mail, too, although it is more advisable to hand in the form at the KKM office.  This is not an urgent part of the application process because you can do it before or after the interview.  If you are falling asleep by now, wake up!  In the “Borang Maklumat Diri”, you can state your top 3 hospital choices for housemanship from the list of hospitals given.  Note that working in Klang valley for housemanship means that it is mandatory for you to work outside of Klang valley when your housemanship ends.


After you have received your temporary registration certificate from MMC, ring up SPA to schedule for an interview date.  The SPA contact details can be found here.

Tips?  Wear appropriately for the job interview.  If you are not a blonde but with blonde hair, it’s time to disguise it with a darker colour on that day.  Here are some fashion inspirations on culturally accepted professional-looking attires.  Seriously, dress right.  The tales of applicants being failed in the interview, are few and far between.  Rumours are that, people usually fail on the basis of inappropriate attire and attitude problems.

It is advisable to be at the interview place an hour before the 8.00am appointment time because, ladies and gentleman, heavy traffic and finding a parking space can be a pain.  Don’t forget to bring all necessary documents.  I can’t stress this more.  Also, bring a glue too.  You will need to paste your own photo onto an SPA form on that day itself.

Out of the plus-or-minus 120 applicants who went for the interview during my time, none had failed the interview.  So, you should have more faith in yourself and worry less.  The interview setting is like this : 2 interviewers with 5 applicants sitting in a row; introduce yourself first; questions were then systematically thrown from one end to the other & there is no helping each other out. In my opinion, the questions asked were very interviewer- and time-dependent.

If you get a orthopaedic surgeon, be prepared to answer questions on fractures and arthroplasty.  On the other hand, if you get a medical doctor, he or she can ask you anything that’s related to medicine, which is everthing.  Get ready to talk about diabetes, leptospirosis, SLE3, dengue fever or malaria.  Basically, anything which is covered by medical textbooks under the hot tropical sun.  Don’t be freaked out though.  My advice?  Focus on the general and common conditions in Malaysia.  Even if you have a mental and nervous breakdown during the questioning session, chances are you would still pass with a positive and pleasant attitude.

That was interviewer-dependent.  What do I mean by time-dependent then?  Simple.  As time passes by and fatigue sets in, the examiners would spend less time grilling the students and cut them some slack.  However, you don’t get to pick your number.  Even if you are the first to hand in the SPA form, you might still end up in the final group.  Get ready for a boring wait.  Bring some snacks, iPad, iPod, books, magazines or anything at all to keep you occupied for the long hours.

One of the interviewers is usually an officer from SPA.  He or she would ask questions regarding the current administration.  For example :

  • Who is the Prime Minister?  (Just kidding.  But seriously, shoot yourself if you don’t know this.)
  • Who is the current Minister of Health?  What does he specialise in?
  • Who is the current Health DG?  What does he specialise in?
  • What is the KKM slogan and motto?
  • What are the KKM health campaigns that you have heard about?
  • What is 1 Malaysia?
  • What are the 6 National Key Results Areas (NKRA)?

Examples of “touchy” personal questions include :

  • Why do you want to be a doctor?
  • Where do you see yourself at 10 years from now?
  • Given a chance, how would you improve the healthcare system in Malaysia?
  • Which hospital do you hope to get for housemanship?

Bottomline?  Speak up and respond to the questions thoughtfully and politely.


Finding out the interview results is just a phone call away.  Ring up the same SPA numbers that you initially used to make an interview appointment.  If you pass and most likely you would, wait for the offer letter to arrive.  Once you get the offer letter, phone up KKM to enquire about the induction course.  You will find out about your posting on the last day of induction and start working the Monday after.  Oh, and by the way, I heard our pay starts on the first day of induction.

What do they say about all good things?

Argh, right.  They always come to an end. 😛 Hope this is a useful guide on housemanship application in Malaysia and I have not muddled you even more.  Let me know in the comments section should there be any mistakes or dead links.  I wish us a smooth housemanship training, but we all do know that it is going to be one hell of a bumpy ride, don’t we?

Set your sails ready guys!  PEACE OUT.

Disclaimer : This post is written to clarify the Malaysian housemanship application process for the convenience of future housemen.  Read this at your own risk (but I am sure you already had to reach here).  The author is not in any way held responsible for your dissatisfaction, loss of time or damage to property due to the tips and advice given in this article.  The author stands to be corrected should there be any errors in this post.  The author also apologises, beforehand, to any party/parties who feels/feel offended by this post.

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  1. my suggestion to future doctor is… set a goal.. which is, not to rely on your payslip as a doctor… the 1st 5 years, save enough money & invest it, be it property, gold/silver, business or stocks market… gain passive income from your investment, once you achieve financial independent (or financial freedom), then practicing as a doctor, is NOT “work” anymore, it’ll become “hobby” !! Remember, with your basic income of 4k, save 2k per month, you’ll accumulate 24k in 12 months… or 48k at the end of your housemanship !!
    ahmad aidil,

  2. Huyo super detailed flowchart!! This settle like almost all doubts! Thanks a lot for the hassle to write it all out and sharing thiss! God bless! :p

  3. Hi there, thanks for your post. It is very useful! 🙂

    Given that you only find out where you are posted to on the last day of induction and you have to report to te hospital on the Monday after, what happens if you get posted to a hospital out of your hometown? Would you be given time to find accommodation?

    Your advice would be very much appreciated!

    • The induction usually ends on a Friday noon. Therefore, you have Saturday and Sunday to sort out your life in a new place. If things go your way and they somehow decide to announce where you’re posted to on the second or third day of induction (like my case), you would have more days to prepare.
      Also, from what I’ve heard from my friends, you get to stay in hotel for a couple of days and file in a claim for the accommodation fees if you have not gotten a place to stay during the beginining of your housemanship.

      • Thanks for your reply! I’m from the Peninsular side and considering applying for housemanship in East Malaysia and don’t really know anyone. So I’m just figuring out the logistics of moving to somewhere new..

        Would you know if most hospitals have their hospital quarters for doctors to live in? Also, what are your experiences or friends’s experiences in getting their first preference of posting?

        • In terms of hospital accommodation, you need to ask the hospital because some do provide accommodation at a small fee while others don’t. Some even require you to move out of your accommodation after the 1st year.
          Or, you can group up with your pals from PTM who are going to the same hospital and rent somewhere near the hospital.
          I wish you a good housemanship experience.

  4. Dr I wish to shift from east malaysia back to west malaysia after completing my first year housemanship. I hav to take care of my parents. Is there any chances for me to change the ho posting after a year? Would my housemanship course be extended more than two years for applying to b transferred? Thank u dr.

    • Hi Dr,
      As far as I know, there shouldn’t be a problem getting a transfer during housemanship. In fact, one of my colleagues is awaiting transfer to a hospital where his wife is working. However, you might be asked to repeat your current posting as it’s still incomplete.
      But why wait until 1 year to apply for a transfer? Get the documents sorted out as soon as you can.

      • thank u dr. do i have to go for the induction program again for the transfer? cn u plz tel me the estimation time of waiting to b transferred? thanks dr.

        • You will not be required to go for another Program Transformasi Minda (PTM). One of that in your lifetime is all that you need, don’t you think so?
          Sorry, I don’t know much about the waiting time. That will be the Ministry of Health’s call. However, usually they will let you know that a decision would be made within a stipulated duration of time.
          Best wishes.

  5. hey. thanks! anyways, i found your flow chart really funny but at the same time really helpful. thumbs up!

  6. Nice website! Do you know when is the deadline for applying and what should I do in the situation where I miss the first intake of houseman training?

    • There’s no deadline per say but the job offer is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Nowadays, you might need to wait quite a while to get a job due to influx of medical graduates. In the event that you miss one intake, the only solution is to wait for another.

      • Thank you for the reply, appreciate it. One more question, may I know how many intake(s) are there in one year?

        • It’s based on current demand and policy. Can’t really tell you the exact number of intakes this year. Probably you can ask KKM or SPA about that?

  7. Awesome post 🙂
    But I have a question, must fresh local med school grads immediately apply for housemanship or is housemanship something you can do at your own sweet time?

  8. Hi ZM..

    Very thorough explanation.. hats off to u..
    I have a question..I m a medical student in Bali.I finished my studies last month (Nov 2014) and now waiting for graduation which will be in February 2015. Is it wise to apply for housemanship now or should I wait for my graduation first?

    Thanks a lot.

  9. Hello there 🙂
    Thank you so much for the informative post !

    I am wondering if you could answer a few questions for me 🙂

    I am a fresh grad who passed the spa interview already, and would be submitting my forms to mmc and kkm within the next week or so.
    I have plans to travel abroad but im unsure of the ‘safe days’ to travel as I am worried that there would be matters I have to attend to personally after submitting all the relevant forms.

    In general, how long does kkm take to send you the induction letter after you have submitted ur form. And if i have received the induction letter, does that mean that the PTM will be commencing shortly thereafter?

    Thank you ! Cheers

    • Hi Wei Ling.
      Life is short.
      If you miss the boat, just wait for another. No biggies. Once you start working, you won’t have much time to travel without worrying about work.
      In general, you will be summoned to the induction in 2-3 month’s time (depending on the vacancies). The letter usually arrives one week before PTM.
      Hope that clears up some of your doubts.

  10. hi! ive finished my course overseas (dec 2014) however my graduation is only in jan 2015. ive alrdy applied online to SPA n sent my original transcript n deans letter in post to Malaysia for my parents to apply for me. can I apply for provisional reg. at MMC using my original transcipt? and must my original transcipt be verified by any1? Thanks

    • I can’t really recall. But depending on where you graduate from, you might need to translate your degree certificate and get your documents verified by the Commisioner of Oath.
      Where did you graduate from, by the way?

      • i’m graduating from Russia. when i spoke to MMC, they only spoke about about verifying the copy. however, I’m wondering if i need to verify my original transcript? or straight from the deans office (and after translation of coz) i’ll jz make a copy n verify and apply to MMC?

  11. Hi, Thank you very much for this information. Helped me a lot when combined with other information. I went for my interview today (April 2015). Can I provide some details of the interview so that others could also learn?

      • Go early for the interview which starts at 8 am. Today (April 17 2015) there were about 12 graduate doctors who came for the interview. The interview room is opened from 6 am with the lights and air cond switched on. Please fill up the white form which is placed on the table immediately at the entrance.. Do not forget to bring along your stationery set with glue and stapler. The clerk will start calling your names to check your documents at sharp 7.30 am. You will be given a number each. The interview started at 8.10am today. It was in batches of four graduates.Two interviewers -one a doctor and the other a SPA officer.Today the three batches went for the interview. Each batch roughly 40 minutes. Very good thing the doctor interviewer did was to drive away your fear by starting with a general discussion..

        Be prepared for various types of questions. The questions that were asked today were:1.Dengue fever -symptoms/diagnosis and treatment. 2.Typhoid 3. What would you like to specialise in? Why? 4. The parameters of full blood count for diagnosing dengue.5.Immunisation for children.6. Current issues you MUST know. Read the papers for the last one week before the interview. Focus on medical issues affecting the nation. Example number of dengue cases. Dengue related deaths. H1N1. What was cause of the students` death in Malacca and Johore this week?

        Once all the batches are over the offer will be given to you. Today it was handed out at 11am. You need to go for a medical check up at any Government Hospital.The interviews were completed for the three batches by ten am. You will be nervous no matter what. But you will be okay. Don`t worry.

        Your interview group could have graduates from local or other Universities too. But do not be shocked to see about 200 people in the room waiting for the interview. Some are nurses, some are for Government admin jobs and others for promotion in their departments. There are 15 interview rooms. But the whole interview process is well organised. The staff are friendly too. Everything is prepared by the staff one day earlier. Very impressive.

        • Hi. So means your offer letter is given to you on the same day of your interview for UD41 right?
          I was told that the interview slot for Houseman is supposed to be 200 slot per day or probably 100.. how come yours is only 16? that’s nerve wrecking… I hope the interview is just a formality… and is the interview based on first come first serve basis?

          • Hi,

            The offer letter is given on the same day as per the current procedure especially if the number is small.Whether it is 200 or 100 or 15 ,it all depends on the list of graduates applying. This batch had all from one Indonesian University and one graduate from Egypt. Nothing is cast in stone. The interview is a requirement to enter Government service in Malaysia. Just be prepared well with the information. It is not first come first serve basis as all the graduates called for interview will be there by seven. Outstation graduates could be there by 5 am.The process starts at 7.30am.The name list is with the officer. She will call you to check your documents and then give you your number.If you are too nervous to go first ,then go later and your number will be later too.Everyone going for ANY interview will be nervous. Just prepare well. You are so lucky to have this website/blog by ZMLEE as all the required information is here, Thank him for that.

            Make sure you dress appropriately. Men – long sleeve and tie. Ladies – baju kurung. Do not forget to switch off your phone COMPLETELY before you enter the interview room. You will regret it if you do heed this advice.Sorry -warning.

            Take note that if you delay in your application for interview, like some graduates do, you will be in the subsequent batches. That could mean a delay of three to six months. Some say they want to enjoy their holidays before the housemanship starts. But isn`t that what you did in your University along with your studies?. Three months delay and calculate the loss in your income!. Think right and move along

            Please take note the interview does NOT take place everyday. It could be three days a week or only one day a week. Like now there is no interview next week ( 3 rd week of April 2015). The next interview is on 28 and 29 of April. Next week is for promotion cases in all departments.

        • thanks pillay for your experience.. it certainly help us a lot. Btw, my interview will be this 30th April.. and I’m little concern whether I will be able to make it to the ehousemen may intake.. and since you said we will be receiving the offer letter on the same day… I hope I can make it. And another quick question, as I know we need to give spa the surat akuan /persetujuan.. can I give it to them directly on the same day the moment I received the letter there? And will you advice a blazer for a guy? and is there any service for angkat sumpah in the vicinity? thanks in advance

          • 1. May intake obviously no way.Those who went for interview in December received their posting letters two weeks back(April 2015). This means six months is the actual period from the time you apply.Please be patient. For those in interview for April your posting could be in August 2015.. Earliest also July 2015. 2. Blazer too heavy. Cannot differentiate between the graduate and the interviewer. Just the long sleeve shirt with tie.3.What about your medical test? You need to do it. 4. The surat akuan and the acceptance letter need to be given on the first day of induction(July/August 2015). You need to check on this to re-confirm. 5. I did not see any service for angkat sumpah here. Please do it in KL which is the best place for all these. 6. The interview is not a formality. Many graduates think so. Please do what is necessary. I was told one graduate doctor failed last year in the interview. Not sure why although most will pass. Please prepare well and go.All will be okay.

  12. Confirmed again. Minimum six months of waiting time from the day you send your registration details to KKM and SPA..

    • Thanks pillay… this is insane… I always thought ehousemen will speed things up and reduce the duration… but this current system is going the opposite way round… BTW, where are you graduated from and when do you predict for yourself to be starting work?

      • Hi Sam,

        The e-houseman syatem will start in May 2015. All those who did the manual registration will still need to re-regsiter on e-houseman . It will speed up but not now as this is only the beginning stage.There is nothing to be insane about as life is nothing but a waiting game.Play along and your mind will be at peace.I graduated from Indonesia and I should receive my induction letter in August 2015. Exactly six months from the month I registered with MMCand KKM. For those graduating next year, I was told it will take one year to get the induction letter.We have the hospitals but there are insufficient senior doctors to supervise the houseman. Anyway during the six months do whatever is necessary because once the housemanship starts, there will be no breaks. As ZM Lee has mentioned, you could be told to report on following Monday when the induction ends on Friday. Imagine you are posted to Sabah or Sarawak or even Kelantan and you are residing in Selangor. You need to pack your bags, fly there and get your accommodation sorted out. Many things to be sorted out.Good to prepare your mind and move forward. I personally believe KKM and SPA are doing what is best possible under the given circumstances.

        • thanks again pillay… just a quick question here… is the resume the one that we downloaded from spaonline or do we need to prepare our own resume /cv? thanks

        • Setahu saya, jawatan jawatan baru termasuk ud41 telah dibekukan pada 22 April 2015. Jadi, semua graduan baru tidak akan menerima surat tawaran sehingga notis baru daripada pihak JPA atau SPA. sekian

          • Terima kasih. Harap pembekuan ini untuk surat tawaran sahaja dan bukan untuk di panggil untuk temuduga. Sebab jika pembukuan untuk temuduga juga , bermakna graduan kena tunggu lebih lama lagi.

        • Hi pillay, kindly assist us or let us know which are the hospital available for posting for your batch via ehousemen this May batch, it could enlighten us for the upcoming batch on hospital which is available for us. your effort is much appreciated

          • Please read carefully the posting by Zubedah above. No more calling for interview. Those who were called for interview, no offer letters will be issued now until further notice. Everything is frozen by the Government. Those who have NOT been called for interview, you just have to wait .How long? A few more weeks if you are lucky. If not, it could be months. Do not forget . Every month, there are roughly 400 to 500 graduate doctors coming in to the market from within Malaysia and overseas. It is estimated between 5,000 to 7,000 graduate doctors will graduate this year. How many will get placement and how many will not be lucky is anybody`s guess. What amazes me is given the scenario, why would a graduate doctor want to take a longer break now when getting a call for interview itself is in doubt.Under e-houseman scheme, the various hospitals with the number of places available for housemen are stated. You have to choose ONE hospital only. Then once done, you will wait for them to get back to you. You may be given the hospital chosen or may be given some other hospital.
            Anyway all these information is relevant to you if have attended the interview AND have received the offer letter. If not, the waiting game gets longer.

          • E-houseman system is experiencing technical problems. All or most graduates are waiting anxiously in front of their computer. Going to the shower or toilet itself is in fear because the system could be back at that short time they leave the table. When they go out for the while and if the system is back to normal, the hospital placements would be filled up. Really sad.

        • thanks pillay, can you clarify this.. means we can only pick a specific hospital from the list BUT it is KKM that will select the final hospital choice in the ehousemen for us?? I thought it is 100% for sure that whatever you select from the list available in KKM… you will be most certainly get it? so this means that we do not even pick the hospital that we wanted as KKM is the final say of which hospital we get… is this the case? BTW, as I know, SPA interview process still continues for the time being… so those that haven’t get called… fret not.. just be patient

        • Hi pillay,
          First of all congratz for getting your posting placement comfirm and now just have to wait fot induction programme. As you told your induction will be in august which is 6 months from the month you registered under Mmc
          1. mean in Feb you have already submitted documnent to Mmc and get your temporary Mmc registration num?
          2. And your spa interview is in april? So do you mean it takes two months to get interviewd by spa?

          please correct me if im wrong..

          • Once you submit the documents to MMC, you have to get their registration number one week later. With that you proceed to submit more documents to SPA and KKM. It could be two months or more depending on the number of medical graduates coming into the market. My interview was in April 2015. I consider myself lucky because there is limited places in the hospital. Even after your interview SPA will not give you the offer letter until sufficient places are available.

          • Hi pillay,

            Thanks pillay for sharing all this info with us.

  13. Thank you. Terima kasih kepada Zubayda. You berikan info empat hari sebelum info menjadi public. Baru info ini tersiar dalam Net -3 May 2015 6 petang. Betul apa yang you kata. Semua jawatan dibekukan. Apa akan jadi pada doktor graduan sekarang?

    • Hello Pillay. Setahu saya, SPA tidak akan memanggil calon yang baru untuk temuduga buat masa sekarang. Tetapi untuk mereka yang TELAH membuat appointment, temuduga akan diteruskan tetapi surat tawaran tidak akan diberi buat masa sekarang selagi notis baru tidak dikeluarkan daripada kerajaan. Dan untuk mereka yang telah menerima surat tawaran tersebut, buat masa sekarang tidak dapat lagi menggunakan sistem ehousemen, ehousemen untuk batch may ini hanya untuk calon yang sangat terhad. Dan berkemungkinan besar sistem ehousemen akan dibekukan buat masa tertentu selepas batch may ini. Bagaimanapun, anda boleh call kami di JPA atau SPA untuk mengetahui maklumat lanjut. Dan kami telah menerima banyak emel mengatakan proses pelantikan tidak patut dibekukan kepada mereka yang telah habis temuduga dan telah dalam proses pengambilan sama ada masih menunggu jawapan mengenai surat tawaran tersebut. Kemungkinan ada miscommunication mengenai kecualian untuk calon calon tersebut, diminta calon yang terbabit, boleh menghubungi Jabatan perkhidmatan awam dan seterusnya SPA untuk keterangan yang lebih lanjut. Sekian

    • Ehousemen untuk batch may ini dibuka kepada calon yang menerima surat tawaran bulan march hingga April 22.. calon calon tersebut boleh mengekses ehousemen pada 11 May hingga 18 may. Tahniah

      • Sistem ehouseman tidak berfungsi kerana ada masalah teknikal. Semua graduan terpaksa menunggu didepan komputer, Semua rancangan mereka tergendala dengan teruk. Tidak pasti bila ehousman ini akan berfungsi lagi.

      • Ape yg akan dicatat dlm offer letter tu?kerana previous batch yg x guna lagi ehouseman hanya kata offer letter tu hanya utk ditunjukkan masa induction.mrk yg hantar borang ke kkm lepas interview x pyh attach offer letter.terima kasih=)

        • Hi sz. Nombor rujukan dalam surat tawaran tersebut perlu disi untuk mendapat penempatan dalam sistem ehousemen. Untuk batch yang sebelum ini, mungkin ia tidak diperlukan pada masa itu, tetapi untuk batch yang akan datang ini, semua calon memerlukan surat tawaran sebelum dapat mengakses ehousemen. Tanpa surat tawaran, anda mungkin dapat mengakses laman web ehousemen tetapi anda tidak dapat meneruskan proses pendaftaran kerana nombor rujukan offer letter anda diperlukan sebagai satu kriteria.
          Nombor rujukan dalam surat tawaran ini memainkan peranan bagi mengasingkan calon calon penempatan bagi setiap batch graduan yang dibenarkan untuk mendapat penempatan yang amat terhad. Anda perlu mengambil tahu tarikh penerimaan surat tawaran anda untuk mendaftarkan diri mengikut tarikh yang ditetapkan oleh KKM seperti yang tertulis dalam laman web ehousemen.

  14. Hi, I have a question.
    My friend (actually my girlfriend) is actually not born in Malaysia and the country she was born at did not have any birth certificate. However, she has her IC and she is already a Malaysian. She took her SPM as we did. The thing is, I read about the requirement to submit certified copy of birth certificate to MMC/KKM. Would it be a problem? If it would be a problem, which is the best department to call and enquire more about ?



  15. 1. You need to contact MMC first as they are the one who will receive your initial set of documents. If they find your papers not in order then no letter or registration number will be issued to you. If all okay here then only proceed to SPA and KKM. If not okay then you are looking at a long process.
    2. Real sorry that you are discussing about your girlfriend who does not a birth certificate because the process of calling graduate doctors for interview itself had been frozen now. Not sure how long it will take to resume the process.
    3. Some graduates wanted a long holiday. Now your waiting could be months.Anyway I am vindicated as I told earlier to do everything fast.
    4. So you cannot do anything except to wait.

  16. Semua graduan yang telah mendapat surat tawaran dari SPA telah cuba daftar di ehouseman minggu ini bermula dari 11 May 2015. Tetapi kebanyakkan mereka gagal mendaftar kerana masalah teknikal. Oleh itu mereka terpaksa menunggu didepan komputer mereka untuk mendaftar dengan segera apabila sistem ehouseman itu dibaikpulihkan. Tidak tahu bila. Masa sedang berjalan dan tempat di hospital pun terhad. Semua rancangan mereka tergendala.Mereka tidak dapat keluar untuk makan pun diluar sebab takut sistem akan berfungsi masa graduan keluar.Banyak kesulitan dan kerisaun. Siapa yang dapat membantu mereka?

    • Pillay, anda boleh menghubungi emel yang tertera di laman web KKM yang memaparkan notis tersebut. Anda juga boleh menghubungi KKM ataupun SPA atas talian. Disebabkan oleh penceroboh ke dalam laman web ehousemen, pemulihan sistem perlu dilaksanakan. Buat masa sekarang, proses ehousemen akan ditangguhkan dan akan memakan masa, berapa lama jangka masanya, saya tidak diberitahu lagi, jadi apa yang anda boleh buat sekarang hanyalah boleh menunggu notis baru daripada KKM.

    • saya telah menghubungi pihak KKM semalam dan mendapat info bahawa sistem akan dibuka hanya pada hari Isnin (18/05) minggu depan. Masalah teknikal tersebut masih diperbaiki.

  17. Hi,
    Terima kasih sekali lagi. Semalam notis di laman web berkenaan ehouseman ada masalah teknikal itu pun lenyap. Sungguh sedih. Saya hanya ada tiga soalan sahaja bagi pihak semua graduan. Harap anad dapat memberi jawapan.
    1. Berapa lama kah graduan kena tunggu untuk sistem e houseman ini dibaik pulihkan? Sebab semua graduan tidak dapat meninggalkan rumah mereka- takut sistem itu akan muncul kembalibila bila bila masa.
    2. Apakah yang akan terjadi kepada mereka yang telah berjaya mendaftar untuk placement sebelum sistem ini menghadapi masalah teknikal? Adakah mereka terpaksa mendaftar sekali lagi sebab data mereka mungkin terhilang apabila ada pencerobohan.
    3.Jika hendak mendaftar, graduan mesti sediakan nombor rujukkan dari surat tawaran. Tetapi jika semua temuduga di bekukan sekarang, bermakna tidak ada temuduga dan tidak ada surat tawaran. Ada kah ini bermakna mereka( graduan baru) ini tidak boleh mendaftar lagi? Saya harap KKM/SPA dapat membantu graduan yang telah di temuduga dan telah mendapat surat tawaran.

    • Pillay sekali lagi terima kasih atas soalan anda. Saya akan cuba menjawab apa yang saya tahu buat masa ini. Mengenai sistem ehousemen, dijangka akan dibuka pada Isnin akan datang ini pada jam pukul 12 sekiranya pemulihan sistem dipulihkan kembali.
      Kemungkinan besar anda perlu mendaftar semula tetapi apa-apa pun, sila baca arahan dan notis dalam laman web ehousemen Isnin ini.
      Untuk pendaftaran ehousemen, hanya untuk kad pengenalan dan calon yang tertentu sahaja, sesiapa yang tidak dapat mendaftar, bermakna calon tersebut terpaksa menunggu pengambilan yang seterusnya.
      Biarpun jika anda dapat mendaftar dang mengakses laman web ehousemen, anda memerlukan nombor rujukan surat spa untuk mendapat penempatan anda.
      Buat masa sekarang, tiada pembekuan untuk UD41. Semua temuduga dan pelantikan akan diteruskan. Mengenai surat tawaran baru itu, disebabkan tiada vacancy sekarang, kami tidak dapat mengeluarkan surat tawaran tersebut dan bukan disebabkan pembekuan jawatan. Jadi, anda tidak perlu risau.

      • Terima kasih atas jawapan anda. Semua kegelapan yang dialami kini mengenai pendaftaran dan ehouseman telah lenyap dan sedikit cahaya telah mula muncul. Harap cahaya ini akan berkembang pada hari Isnin nanti. Ketiga-tiga soalan yang ditanya di jawab dengan jelas. Yang paling cantik adalah jawapan bagi soalan akhir. Yang membaca forum ini kena membaca jawapan itu beberapa kali untuk mendapat penjelasan yang betul. Sungguh cantik.(Absolutely exciting). Dengan izin:
        There is no freezing of UD41 positions. All interviews will continue as normal to fill up the positions.But the offer letter will NOT be issued because there is no vacancy for houseman at the hospitals. So don`t worry.

        You just have to wait a bit longer.

        Sekali lagi , terima kasih.

        • Pillay dan yang lain,
          saya mendapat info bahawa ehousemen akan dibuka pada jam 10 pagi Isnin ini. Harap maklum. Dan untuk yang telah mendapat penempatan, anda boleh teruskan untuk mencetak lampiran tersebut. sekian

          • Terima kasih kakak subaidah atas explanation anda. Disebabkan saya tidak dpt jawapan saya di atas, may I know regarding the placement choices as I asked above. Is the final choice of our hospital in the ehousemen is selected by KKM or whatever is shown in the list available in the ehousemen and once we selected it.. we will be given the choice of our hospital in the list? this scares us as what if the government bagi kita hospital yang kita taknak walaupun kita sudah pilih hospital yang kita nak in the list yg listed dalam ehousemen… sorry for my BM. if you may reply us..
            p/s : your information has helped us so much, I was searching throughout the Net, only you alone are providing us with the answers we’ve been seeking for.

            and also, jika kakak tahu bilakah tarikh definite untuk the next intake? Don’t worry kakak, all the information you share with us will remain anonymous.. thank u in advance

          • Help..
            I have received my spa offer letter and waiting for ehouseman system to get open which is stated there 7th sept.But till now they didnt mention the date of offer letter which can log in the web site and also the timing to log in..may i know whom shall i contact for this? Thanks

  18. Hi Sam,

    Based on my knowledge you can select any hospital which has empty places for houseman,But there is NO guarantee you will get the hospital you applied for. Right now getting a hospital itself is an issue. Any hospital you get just go as more medical graduates are coming into the job market. After all it is just 2 years and you are back in your home place or nearby. Just ask yourself one question – if every graduate doctor is given the option most will choose the hospital nearest to their present home,. Then what happens to hospital in smaller towns such as Tawau, Sandakan, Sibu, Miri, Kerteh, Dungun, or even Kangar. You are a doctor and be prepared to serve any place you are given. Now is not the place to be choosy. Getting the hospital placement is the focus now. Better be prepared with an open mind rather than collapsing when they tell you to report at the Tawau hospital on the last day of your induction.

  19. Hi Sam,

    You should thank ZMLEE for this blog as he is the owner of this blog. Then be grateful to Zubeyda as she is also updating regularly.
    Anyway, the ehouseman system opens on Monday so there will be a rush to register by graduates.

    • thanks pillay. Yes I do understand about the point you re saying.. but I seriously do not find what is the point of this ehousemen since it is not up to us who are deciding which hospital we wanted, as it is one of the reason that this portal is being set up. Anyways, I shall just patiently wait for the placement and accept what is given.. But pillay, I hope you will come back and post your experience once you are done with your ehousemen to enlighten us on the next upcoming intake, as I’m one of those that haven’t got my offer letter now but I’m anxious to know what is happening and what’s going to happen. thank you.

      • Hi Sam,
        Good to know you are now open to be placed anywhere. Kindly take note you are allowed to choose any hospital for placement but there is NO guarantee that you will get it.Right now you should be happy to get a placement. For that we need to be thankful to the Government and KKM for employing. If you think realistically, there is no reason for the Government to give us jobs. They can say they don`t have the money to employ you, then what happens? You need to be rationale here. But they provide us jobs for 2 years after which you can quit if you like. Just be thankful for what ever is happening. As SZ said previously, just pray for the best.

        I will enlighten you further. There are now 5500 nurses without any job. The number of airline pilots unemployed is 1,500. But there is a demand for helicopter pilots. For which you have to attend a course for one year and that will set you back easily by RM50K to RM100K.

        So my message to all just pray and be patient.You are a doctor and the Government is trying its best to give you a job. You may not like it politically but it takes care of your rice bowl right now. Only thing is the waiting period.

        Interviews will still take place but no letters will be issued. Without the offer letter you cannot apply for e houseman as the reference number is the most significant item. As batch by batch go past, graduates will be placed albeit slowly.

        E houseman system is attempting to make your life easier. Definitely you will face teething problems initially. Given time all will be okay.

        On the lighter side, just like ZMLEE, Zubayda and myself , do you think we have no better thing to do than do all these postings?We are doing a social service with no returns but we still do it so that others will benefit. We think good and we do good. Hopefully others will also follow.

        Just wait and pray. Ramadhan is starting on June 17
        or June 18 2015. One month Muslims will be fasting so you have to be mindful of that. As you can see clearly, KKM is trying its best to clear the April batch as fast as possible.Be positive and you will be okay.

  20. E houseman system will be back to functioning on Monday 18 May 2015 at 8 am..So I suppose all the graduates from the April batch who went for interview will not be able to sleep on Sunday night as the system will be back the next morning.It is good to know KKM is trying to solve the problem as someone had hacked the system.Possibly a disgruntled graduate.Never mind. All part of life. Choose the hospital and wait for the induction to begin. Most probably KKM will give you the confirmation letter of your hospital during the induction. All the best and do good always..

  21. The waiting game should be over today -18 May 2015. Another two hours and the ehouseman system begins functioning.The original waiting period was 180 days or six months from the day you registered with MMC for placement. I had set a target of 120 days. I have full faith IN SPA and KKM. Despite all the challenges, I believe my target for placement will be achieved for the April batch.I pray for all that everything will go as planned.

    • Hi Pillay. Glad to hear you’ve got your placement. I hope you can share with us about which are the hospital available for your batch today as listed.. is hospital University in the list today? and did u get your placement during the ehousemen session itself or you will only know it during your ptm?
      thanks a lot!!

  22. Hi Sam,
    The ehouseman opened at 9.58 am. I had a list of ten hospitals with me ready in case there were no places for my first few choices. All the hospitals chosen by me were ALL outside my home state.Fortunately my first choice itself had places available. I clicked on the chosen hospital(Johore) and immediately I was told to download my official placement form. Fortunately my first choice itself had places available. I clicked on the chosen hospital(Johore) and immediately I was told to download my official placement form. The ehousmen system has all the hospitals with the all the places available for all the states. I have now with me my official KKM letter with my chosen hospital. It is all well organised. Absolutely fabulous.
    By the way which hospital University are you referring to? PPUM? I am not sure of that as I did not choose to be placed in Selangor.. I hope you would know by now that if you want to be near your hometown you need to serve outside your state for 2 years. After the 2 years you would be able to get a place near your hometown. There are 2 things that will happen if you intend to choose a hospital in your hometown or nearby in the ehouseman system. One, there could be NO places available and that means you will need to wait for next batch which could be three months later. By delaying your placement, your seniority in the Government service will be affected even if it is just one month.Two, if you get a place near your hometown, after 2 years when you apply for reinstatement, you will NOT be given the same hospital -It will be another state.
    It looks like you are not keen to work outside. Anyway this is unwritten rule and those in the know are well aware of this fact.

    I have given all the relevant information which all medical graduates will require to know . All the best and think well before you make any decision.This is the first time in the history of this country you are allowed to choose the hospital you want to work. I thank the Government and KKM along with SPA for making the lives of new medical graduates an exciting one. For one week we all had insufficient sleep but all the hard times is now over . Ribuan terima kasih kepada semua.

    • thank u so much pillay… u truly deserve the hospital you wished for. Based on your keen replies in this forum, I can foreseen how enthusiastic you are and how much u can contribute to the country. all the best to you pillay, just in case you have your own blog and want to share your thoughts with us, you are most welcome and I can almost certainly help to promote your blog as well. Btw, I can include your blog in my bulletin in the IFMSA of my region, I’m glad that you have helped us. Thank you once again. Kudos

      • What ever differences we have , we stay united because we are here to save lives FOREVER.. Me sharing my experience means others will keep learning and avoid unnecessary mistakes.At least in this blog , you can get a beautiful start as to what needs to done from the time with MMC.. I have my blog but I think this blog will suffice for my initial experience. All can benefit. have a great time during your houseman-ship. God bless all of you.

      • You are definitely welcome.

  23. Congratulations to those who managed to secure a job placement already. To those who are still waiting, don’t worry, overflowing of doctors is expected given the number of medical graduates we have each year. Consider this a temporary anomaly because many would consider other career options after housemanship due to family commitments and mismatched expectations from the very beginning prior to entering medical school.
    All these problems with excessive doctors would naturally correct itself, given time. Look at this as an opportunity to further improve, or rather revamp, the Malaysian healthcare system. From wherever you had graduated from, be it Russia, Egypt, Indonesia, China or Europe, believe that you have something to contribute and suggest to our healthcare.
    We are well due for a council/association which exclusively fight for rights and represent the voices of HO’s. We might be short on experience and maturity, but we should not be short on confidence & spirit.
    We are after all, the frontliners, in most departments.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to ask for your help to promote my eBook to your respective medical schools via your associates and networks.
    The ebook can be owned at an affordable price via :
    1. (if you are in Malaysia)
    2. (if you are in overseas)
    This eBook, cover-to-cover, could be the thing which helps a medical student to tide over those challenging years.
    Rest assured that lots of effort has been put into making this eBook.

    Lastly, I wish you all the best!

  24. Induction letters have been issued. The induction or Program Transformasi Minda (PTM) location is based on the hospital you have chosen. For instance, those who chose hospitals in Negeri Sembilan, the induction/PTM location is in Port Dickson. Those who chose hospitals in Johore, the induction location is in Amansari Resort in Johore ( near Permas Jaya). Graduates need to report at 2 pm in Amansari Resort on Monday. It will end on Friday. They need to report to their respective chosen hospital on the following Monday

    • Hi pillay
      And so you received your induction letter? How about for northies like perlis kedah penang where their induction would be?

      • Hi sz,
        Yes I have received my induction letter. Kindly take note of 2 things. 1.Those who took their own time to register with MMC will need to wait longer. 2. Those who went for interview after April 22, have not received their SPA letter and this means they need to wait to register with e-houseman. I keep advising graduates to rush for registration but most do not heed the advice.Even a day delay could mean six months waiting period. I will be reporting for duty most probably on June 16 2015, just two days after my PTM.
        For those in the northern states, especially Perlis and Kedah, one common place will be identified for them as Perlis has only one hospital on the list.That could most probably be in Kedah. All those in Perak have been asked to report for PTM in Impiana Hotel in Ipoh.

        Again we must thank the Government for assisting us.MAS, CIMB, Maybank and Telekom have started retrenching their staff. In our case, the Government is giving us the job and assisting us where possible to the best.

        • Hey pillay
          Congrate and all registration work have finally com to an end.i think this com faster than what you have expected right?i still have questionregarding ehouseman system.
          1. As when we went for spa interview, always and almost all of us being told to choose east msia so that we can get placement fast. But i do believe some of hospitals in west msia are in need of may i know that whoever register ehouseman same time as yours regardless which hospital they choose(as long as still in list),did they receive induction letter same time as you?


  25. In the ehouseman system, you can choose any hospital you want as long as there are places available.You can click on the hospital and if you are fortunate , you will receive the confirmation letter within five to ten minutes.But there is catch here. You must realise that there are many graduates applying. So there is no certainty that you will get the chosen hospital because there could be others who beat you by a few seconds or minutes. I repeat. There is NO guarantee you will get the chosen hospital until you receive the letter.Now what happens the chosen hospital had places earlier but you did not receive the confirmation letter.? That means you were slightly slow by a few minutes but you will be placed on waiting list for THAT hospital. You CANNOT change the chosen hospital. This is what happened now. Some wanted hospitals beside their house.But the places were filled up, The result :they are now on waiting list.! Which means you will be delayed from the PTM to your confirmation and even your possible promotion. Choosing hospitals in Sabah or Sarawak or any other state depends on your luck and how fast you are able to do your job.

    That is the reason we have blogs like this to help graduates. Unfortunately many are not willing to search for these blogs or even try to read them.I hear from my friends who graduated with me still never applied to MMC and those who went for interview have yet to receive their SPA letter. What can I do? I have tried to tell them from beginning not to delay but they kept saying they needed to break.I can only advise them but cannot go any further.

    • Hey pillay,
      Thanks again for sharing this useful information with clueless fresh graduate like me here.i just finished my interview two weeks back and still waiting for my offer letter and ehouseman to be opend for our batch candidate. I am kind of anxious about this offer letter stuff because we are being ‘informed’ by spa officer’ jgn call spa untuk offer letter unless lepas satu dua bulan tak dapat lagi offer letter baru pening ade yg call utk interview ade yg utk offer letter’..haha..really clueless.

      • There are a few things you must know. One, the Government is trying its best to accommodate all the medical graduates but due to the current economic situation, things are slightly slowing down. Two, not all hospitals have vacancies for graduates to fill up.SPA is trying its best to help all but it has to follow the Government`s instructions. Many went for interview and offer letters have NOT been given to them. Without the offer letter you CANNOT register into ehouseman.There are some who are upset and scold the SPA officers thinking it is the Government`s duty to provide them with jobs. I am not certain about this but who gave the graduates this idea?Look around and see how citizens are having a tough time in their own countries. Bangladesh, Myanmar, Greece( Government is bankrupt) ,Nepal (country is upside down), Syria(schools closed for two years now), Yemen( no water supply) and Soloman Islands( typhoon has wrecked havoc). We are so fortunate here. We must pray and say thank you. As for your placement, you will eventually get it. Only thing is when.

  26. I have taken my time to type out the ENTIRE procedure from the time the SPA interview begins.


    After your interview, you should be having your offer letter with you. Just to make sure you don’t complicate yourself any further, we shall call this offer letter the SPA OFFER LETTER.

    This SPA offer letter is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT because there is one part where it says nombor rujukan tuan and rujukan kami number. Without your rujukan tuan number, you cannot fill up the surat setuju terima pelantikan (1) and without your rujukan kami number, you cannot apply for your hospital via ehousemen.
    Along with your offer letter, you will be receiving a few other documents as well namely:

    1) Sura tSetujuTerima Pelantikan SPA.6A (3 copies)
    2) Surat Akuan Sumpah SPA.6C
    3) Borang pemeriksaan kesihatan (medical check-up form)
    4) Surat Aku Janji
    1) Surat Setuju Terima Pelantikan
    You will have 3 copies. You gotta fill up your jawatan (Pegawai Perubatan Gred UD41), the rujukan tuan number and the date below your rujukan tuan number (on your spa offer letter). One copy has to be given to SPA. The other 2 copies, you keep.

    2) Surat SPA/Surat Akuan Berkanun SPA
    This form has to be signed by the Commissioner of Oath. So the top part of the letter, you fill up your name, IC number and your address.

    At the bottom of the document, right after “Diperbuat dan dengan sesungguhnya diakui oleh yang tersebut namanya di atas ia itu:”you have to write YOUR NAME only IN FRONT OF THE Commisioner of Oath (COH). The the address below your name IS NOT YOUR ADDRESS, but it’s the COH’s address which he will fill later. On the same line of the address, right before “di hadapan saya”, you have to sign it… (Also in front of the COH). And he will sign below “di hadapan saya”.

    3) Medical Check up form
    You can get your medical check updone at the govt or private hospital. But Government hospital(Klinik Kesihatan) is much cheaper. Only paid RM2 for everything to be done.
    You have pages (i) to (x). Fill in the form (i) till (iv).
    Page (v), fill in up to tarikh (before pengakuan saksi).
    *Pengakuan saksi (the doctor who examines you must fill up. (so, don’t forget to get his signature for this page.
    *From page (vi) till (x), your doctor will know what to do. You also have to go to the dental clinic to check your teeth and go to the lab to get a urine test. DO NOT FORGET TO GET THE STAMP FROM THEIR DEPARTMENT ON YOUR FORM.
    *On page (x), your doctor who examines you (general examination) will fill it.
    So, after filling up the medical status, your doctor has to sign at 2 pages(page (v) and also page (x)).

    4) Surat Aku Janji you don’t have to prepare now, because you will go to the hospital of your posting. The Director of the Hospital will give you the SUratAkuJanji and you will sign in front of the Head Of Department (H.O.D).


    A) On your SPA offer letter (the one you got right after your interview or later), there are a few
    requirements written there that you gotta fulfill under SYARAT-SYARAT TAWARAN.
    Syarat-Syarat tawaran
    1. Medical Check-up form (the one you filled up earlier from pages (i) till (x))
    2. Surat Akuan Berkanun (the one you asked the COH to sign.)
    3. Surat Terima Pelantikan (the 2 copies that you are keeping after filling in your rujukan TUAN number)
    4. Salinan Sijil Pendaftaran Sementara (ur MMC letter, photocopy as many copies as you can)
    5. Laporkan diri keKementerian/Jabatan yang ditetapkan…blah…blah…. (this one, is basically referring to your induction time in which they will let you know on the KKM website)
    6. Surat Aku Janji (that you will sign later in front of the Ketua Jabatan/H.O.D)
    7. Borang Tapisan Keselamatan filled up (will be explained shortly)
    Borang Tapisan Keselamatan/BorangKelulusan Tapisan Keselamatan Kasar:
    In the process of downloading this form and filling it up, you also have to register under a website. (THIS PROCEDURE ISNT EXPLAINED ANYWHERE IN THE SPA LETTER or the E-HOUSEMEN OFFER LETTER)
    *Before going to the website, make sure you prepare a soft copy picture of yourself and it has to be less than 200kb. If it is too big, resize using paint programme and save as and double check the size. (It’s is a “trial and error” thing, so you gotta resize and check the size)
    a) Go to
    b) Click Daftar
    c) Fill in the empty spaces.
    d) Jenis Pendaftaran: Pemohon Individu
    e) After filling them in, click Daftar
    f) They will send you the password to your email account.
    g) Open your email, see the password.
    h) Open again.
    i) This time, log masuk using your ID and password given.
    j) Click Permohonan baru
    k) Click Lantikan SPA (the first option given)
    l) Choose soft copy picture of less than 200kb
    m) Fill in all your details. (Important to fill in the ones with red *)
    n) Details you might have troubles filling in.
    Kementerian: KKM
    Jabatan: your state hospital
    Bahagian/Hospital/Unit: the name of your hospital
    Jawatan: Pegawai Perubatan
    Gred: 41
    Klasifikasi perkhidmatan: perubatan dan kesihatan
    Tarikh Lantikan: on your offer letter from e housemen: eg. 11/5 or 18/5 (This is the date your e-housemen offer letter has been printed out)
    Status perkhidmatan:Tetap
    Alamat Pejabat: on your e-housemen offer letter, the last page, the hospital address will be there or you can always GOOGLE
    o) Click SIMPAN dan HANTAR
    *You don’t have to fill in all the maklumat, just the ones that you can fill in. If you cant fill in, just leave it and move on to the next one. DO NOT FORGET TO CLICK “SIMPAN DAN HANTAR”.

    Now for the Borang Kelulusan Tapisan Keselamatan Kasar, you go to the website and print the document that says kpkk11. If you are not sure which form, I have attached it with this word document. Isi everything and photocopy. They said you should fill in your pc and print PLUS print first, then isi with a pen….just to be safe. (Haven’t finished induction yet, so, don’t know which one)

    B) On your e-housemen offer letter, there are a few requirements as well that you gotta prepare.
    i) Surat Setuju Terima Pelantikan
    ii) Surat Akuan Sumpah
    iii) Surat Aku Janji
    iv) Medical Check-up Form
    v) Salinan sijil SPM dan Ijazah MD/MBBS/MBBoH(certified documents just like the ones submitted to MMC before)
    vi) Salinan SIjil Pendaftaran Sementara (MMC letter)
    vii) Borang Perubahan Pendapatan Pegawai (it seems this one you will get it on your induction day)
    viii) Borang Kelulusan Tapisan Keselamatan Kasar (which you have done)
    ix) Salinan surat tawaran pelantikan SPA (SPA offer letter)


    • Dear pillay,

      Thank you for taking time out of your day to share your experience and giving valuable advice here. After going through your comment above, i have a few queries.

      1. As you have mentioned above that one of the SURAT SETUJU have to be given to Spa, when and how should i submit it?

      2. How to find commissioner of oath for AKUAN BERKANUN?
      3. Before ehouseman system opened, can i register as user first ( after i receive my spa offer letter)? I tried click on pendaftar baru but fail to get myself registered.

      Thank you.

  27. I was informed that SPA interview will continue for graduates but NO offer letter will be given.The offer letter could take as a month or more . Then you need to wait for the ehouseman to open for you to register.Posting is done in batches.Right now (JUNE 2015) all jobs in the Government are frozen except for medical, dentistry and pharmacy graduates.

    • thanks for your effort pillay.. all these will definitely help us and the upcoming batches and to all your fellow juniors… and wishing you all the best in ur ptm course starting 8th June… tc there pillay…

    • Hi Pillay, Christine here. Thanks for the information. I just want to clarify something, if you may help. If KKM put us in the waiting list for our first choice of hospital, do we have any other option to accept any hospital offered by KKM so that we don’t have to wait for the next intake. Does KKM offer us another hospital or directly put us on waiting list for the next batch even when I’m willing to take any hospital offered by KKM for this batch if my first choice is not granted.
      Thank you so much for your help Pillay


      • Hi Christine, This is the most logical question so far.Once you have chosen a hospital of YOUR choice, you will not be allowed to change the hospital. If that happens, then system will be in a mess. Because if you are allowed to change and that hospital is also filled up, what happens then? Are you going to keep searching an empty hospital? Then what happens all those coming in now ?From my knowledge, you are not allowed to change. But there was one case I heard that the doctor went to Putra Jaya to plead for a change. After some time they allowed the change. But that could be an exception because if they allowed the change, all those who chose the `wrong hospital` could be flooding Putra Jaya.

        • Thanks pillay. Noted. But will KKM offer us any other random hospital if we our first choice is full? or we are really forced to wait for the next batch even if I’m willing to take any hospital if it is offered… thanks so much pillay


          • Hi Christine,
            The technical questions I am unable to answer. Under e housemen you can choose which ever hospital you want. If you are not keen on waiting and want to change , you can but you need to go back to step 1 again that is reapply all over again. Which means there could be doctors already waiting in the list for that hospital. So you have to make a decision fast. Do you want to wait or reapply for a new hospital.? This is the beauty of life as no one knows how the outcome will be.Your situation is like waiting for a bus.After waiting for one hour and with no bus in sight, you are thinking of taking a taxi. But what happens when you enter the taxi, and the bus is in sight now. That will be in your mind. So you need to make the decision and most important is to live by that decision. Good or bad does not matter. It will be another lesson in life.

            With so much of information in this forum, how many doctors are actually using this forum? At least you are benefiting. That is good.

        • I just checked to reconfirm. You are ALLOWED to change the hospital but you have to start back from the beginning. That is you have to inform KKM and SPA and then reapply in the next batch. No one knows how many doctors will be applying in the next batch too.That could delay your job by a few more months. Sometimes the hospital you are applying but in waiting may have hostel /quarters for houseman. And the hospital you are choosing now may not have any hostel/quarters. If you are travelling from your home, the odd hours going and coming to the hospital will drive you crazy.

          • Thank you pillay. This is scaring me right now. I always thought KKM will give us another hospital in ehousemen if I didn’t get my first choice. So either you get the hospital that you’ve chosen or next batch you go, no second chance to accept any other offered hospital. That’s sad.

          • Replying to Christian Lee`s comments. There is no need to feel sad.First under e housemen, you can choose which ever hospital you want. Only thing is you have to on alert and also need to do your homework on which hospital you want to select. This has never happened before as KKM is the one that chooses the hospital for you. Secondly, there is a freeze on all Government jobs except for medical, dentistry and pharmacy. In that case , you are lucky the Government is trying to give you a job.
            One doctor graduated in April but decided to wait. His interview was held last week and the posting could take another two or more months.I did mention here many times not to delay your application when you come back to Malaysia but many fail to heed the advice.

            Please wait a bit longer.This year only it is estimated 7,000 doctors will graduate. Usually it is only 5,000. So there is keen competition for places in hospitals. So you want a job, please choose the hospital further away from you home. You need to appreciate the Government`s help to all doctors.

  28. I came home after I graduated with my course mates. Some decided to take their time to register despite me telling them not to wait. That was in March end. I had got my placement with a few others. Unfortunately those who delayed that time have not even been called for interview until today(June 7 2015). They are now so sad and feeling left out. What can I say?

  29. Hi, I have just passed my final exam. Im coming back to Malaysia this june. Is it necessary to fill up the SPA form online (like immediately)? i dont have the necessary documents/infos with me to fill the form up completely. I think i could do it when im back to malaysia (which will be june). Is it okay?

  30. Based on my experience, the crucial step is to get your mmc temporary registration number which is given 5 days after you have submitted all the required documnent to mmc. And one of the documents is spa resume which you have to print it out after completing all the details online. And once you get your mmc temporary registration number you have to call spa for interview date booking.

    Hope this may help.

    • Hi, thank you for your reply.

      I will fill up the form once i touch down in Malaysia. So is it okay?

      • To ryan,
        It is all depends on how fast you want thing to be done. Without completing spa online form you would nt get to print out the resume which is required for mmc registration.But as far as i know almost all of my friends studying abroad including myself started this’marathon’ only when we back to homeland as we dont have the required details with us. So should be fine if you fill in immediately you touch down.

        Gd luck

  31. HI guys,

    Just wondering did any of you have any problem selecting the right jawatan in your SPA application? Under my ‘jawatan yang layak dipohon” section there is no option for pengawai perubation UD41. The closest I can get to is penolong pengawai perubation which I doubt is what a houseman is. Any ideas??

    • Hi V.

      I’m not really sure what is your condition right now but maybe is because of this.

      coz i had this problem too. My friend corrected me. Maybe it would help you too.

      In the pengajian tinggi – peringkat kelulusan – choose SARJANA MUDA DLM BDG PROFESSIONAL.

      Then go back to ‘jawatan yang layak dipohon’ .
      you will see pegawai perubation UD41.


  32. Whatever you went through in medical school is nothing compared to housemanship. If there is a better than hell, that should describe it. Your work starts at 7 am. Ends at 10 pm. Everyday you are working for 15 hours. Break only for lunch and dinner. Even during that time , the doctors or nurses can call you and you need to be there.You get one day off every two weeks. Don`t forget you will be given notes to read in the five hours of sleep. That is sufficient to wash and iron your clothes for the next 2 weeks. Some doctors chose hospitals where there are no hostels provided or the hostel is very far away. How do you come in at 7 am and go back at 10 pm.? You will have less than 5 hours of sleep EVERYDAY.Most doctors and nurses are good. But you will and must experience the not-so-good doctors and nurses as well. These are a minority but they will turn your life upside down for 2 years. Male houseman have cried in public because the scolding is too heavy. So many reasons for getting scolded. Maybe don`t know the basics or even recorded the patient detail wrongly. Good doctors always guide you well.
    But the scolding part have been told to all medical students before so they cannot be unprepared. Life as a doctor is exciting if you can cope with all the stress. Don` t forget one thing. One in five housemen quit because of the pressure.Anyway you are dealing with saving lives so the patients think you are God. That is the biggest motivating factor as in no other profession you are placed on such a high pedestal.
    My advice. Be strong and be confident. You must apologise if you make mistakes. Don`t get upset with anyone – doctors, nurses and patients. Be prepared.
    One houseman just went to see the Pengarah last week to quit the housemanship. He told the female houseman to see the psychiatrist. The pressure is too heavy but the tough will survive and come out unscratched. Be strong. Have faith in yourself. It is so easy to give up but the excitement is when you say `I will not quit . You can only make me cry and nothing else. But I am determined to learn and improve my self`.

  33. the passport sized photo should be in which colour background? blue or white? for the mmc borang 4 – pengenalan saksi can be certified and stamped by a private clinic full licensed doctor?

    • Either one will be fine unless you are applying new passport then it should be white. For your mmc borang 4 as far as i know it cant be certified by private clinic doctor..but you can ask high school principal o vice princi to certify.

      • Can anyone else certify it? because i did my high school in different state. Can embassy officials certified it since i’m an overseas grad and still in overseas?

  34. Hi, my friend provided me with a list of the documents need to be submitted to MMC. One of them is salinan SPM atau yang setaraf DAN Surat tawaran SPA yang disahkan.

    Is the Surat tawaran the resume from SPA?

    And according to my friends they didn’t notice this so they didn’t submit the Surat tawaran. Does it matter?

    • is the resume from is very important to make sure all the required documnents being sent to mmc,else they will turn down your application. That is why some prefer to walk in and submit the documnent to mmc as they will check and inform you any missing documnent on the spot..

      • Another question is, it seems they need 5 working days to give us the temporary certificate. I’m not staying in KL so is it possible that I could get it in less than 5 working days ?

        • They will take 5 working days for walk in or postal. May be when you walk in that time you can request them but none of us ever try before.

  35. Are Extra Curricular activities important for SPA and during Interview? I need to know if these are at SPM level (school) or at University level

  36. are MyPR card holders eligible for housemanship in Malaysia?


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