Smartphone Tracker beta

Good news for smartphone owners. This programme does what its name suggests, which is to track down smartphones.

Now, don’t try to be creative here (though you can be =P ). It’s used to track down your own smartphone in the instance of theft. And here’s the catch, it’s free of charge.

Smartphone Tracker beta is developed by Yaniv Nahum. It allows you to locate your phone via GPS coordinates, useful if your phone gets lost or stolen, and for locating missing family members.


Basically, SmartPhone Tracker is configured to listen for a certain text message (set by you). When it receives that text message, the program will wake up, activate the phone’s GPS and obtain a lock. Once it has GPS satellites locked, it will send an email or/and text message with a link to Google Maps with the mobile phone’s location and exact GPS coordinates. If there is no GPS reception for 5 minute, SmartPhoneTracker will send the approximate Cell Tower location.


  • Remote operation by SMS code.
  • Send location by SMS/Email.
  • Background Mode.
  • Google, Yahoo and WindowsLive Maps format support.
  • SIM replacement detection and notification.
  • Remote image capture.
  • Cell tower location.
  • Map view.


  • Windows Mobile 5/6 (Important! Only for smartphones which run on Windows Mobile OS.)
  • .NET Compact framework 2.0 (I also don’t know what the hell is this. Just ignore it anyway.)
  • GPS receiver (If you watch those James Bond’s movies or Prison Break series, you will know this. If you don’t know anything about this, heed my advice, watch more TV for God’s sake!!!)
  • Internet connection for email notifications, cell tower location and map view

Hit here to download Smartphone Tracker beta

This is a .cab file (577kb in size), so you should know what to do with it, right? In case you are blur, check out my previous post on Manila 2D. I had a lengthy explanation there.

From Me : As usual, please report if any link is broken.

Disclaimer : This post is written for the convenience of the public and not for business purposes. Smartphone Tracker beta may not work on all devices since the operating systems are different. It is set up for Windows Mobile 5/6 devices only. Before installing, please find out if you have a Windows Mobile 5/6 device first. Try it at your own risk. The author is not in any way held responsible for your dissatisfaction, loss of time or damage to property due to the installation and usage of Smartphone Tracker beta. The author stands to be corrected if there are errors in this post. The author apologises, beforehand, to any party/parties on Earth who feels/feel offended by this post.


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